How does the Harley-Davidson Engine Work?

How does the Harley-Davidson Engine Work?
The sound of a Harley-Davidson engine is almost as famous as the brand itself. Harley Davidsons are powered by internal combustion, with four strokes in the engine cycle.
  • Intake stroke – the flywheel draws the piston downward, drawing air and fuel into the cylinder
  • Compression stroke – the intake valve closes, and the piston compresses the mixture of air and fuel.
  • Ignition stroke – the spark plug fires; the air and fuel mixture explode. This expands and drives the piston downward again.
  • Exhaust stroke – the piston moves up the cylinder, the exhaust valve opens. This allows the exhaust to escape and restart the process.

Additional exhaust sounds are often added by enthusiast to make the bikes even more aggressive much to a neighbours disapproval. 

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